How to make a wooden bead garland

Okay so I LOVE this project. These garlands can be used for anything! You can use them to decorate your Christmas tree, wrap around your Rae Dunn display or hang them wherever you wish! Another thing I love about it is it’s pretty cheap and seriously easy! When I first found out how to make these I was so excited and now I just want to keep making them! Okay, lets just get to the tutorial already!!

You will need
– 30-60 wooden beads (depending how long you want it!)
– some twine
– scissors

The first step is to make the tassel. Wrap it around your fingers a few times like this. You want to make sure the “loop” is wide enough so its not too short! Hold it with your thumb so it all stays together.

This is what it should look like now. Just a big loop! Your doing great!!

Next, you want to take another piece of twine to wrap around the loop creating a smaller loop on the top. Tie that piece of twine, I used about a 6″ piece. Tie it in the back and cut off the excess pieces. Next, take your long piece of twine; that will be the length of the garland you want. Mine has 50 beads (20mm) and is about 30inches long. You’ll want to make it a little longer so you have extra to work with at the end. Cut the bottom loop so it is now a tassel and not a loop!

Now that you have it threaded through the small loop, tie a knot. You can either cut the extra piece off or you can just thread it through the first few beads (that’s what I did). Now, the fun part! Add all your beads!
A helpful tip- Wet the end of the twine with some water so the beads go in smoother.

Once you finished adding all the beads, you can put it aside and complete the first couple steps again to create your other tassel. When you have the other tassel made, you can grab your garland and tie it to the piece of twine that you used to thread through the top loop (making it tight). Knot it off and cut the excess twine or loop it through the last few beads. AND you did it!! woohoo!!