how to make a wooden sign – the easy way!

Good Mornin’ friends! It’s already Tuesday, can you believe it? The weekends are always flying by! As usual I am a busy bee on the weekends with these kiddos! How was your weekend?
I have been wanting to show you how to make this for a while now, I figured you all would love to see how I make wooden signs ‘the easy way’. Honestly, it is easy! I provided lots of photos here for you because if your like me, I’m a very visual learner. I like learning with lots of tutorial photos so I know I’m doing the project right! I will also try to keep the words minimal so its not too long! Have fun!

What you need: wood (this is 24″X6″)
1″ paint brush and a 1 small detail brush
Sharpie (optional)
white chalk paint
antique wax
Charcoal pencil
paper and printer

First, you want to add a layer of the white paint. You don’t have to worry about it being perfect since its supposed to look distressed/old anyway!

Once that is dry, add a little bit of the antique wax around the edges. This is what gives it the distressed look. If I were to do this sign again, I probably wouldn’t add the wax all over like I did. I would just stick to the edges.

While that’s drying, you can start the paper part! I cut the letters out so they fit where I want them to on the wood. once they are trimmed down, take your charcoal pencil and color on the back of the paper making sure you are covering all the ink spots on all the letters.

This is what is what the back should look like.

Next, you will want to center it onto the wood putting it wherever you wish. I did mine in the center. Once its centered add a little piece of tape to all the corners so it won’t move on you.

Now that its placed, you can start tracing all your letters. Making sure to go slow and that your not too shaky! This is key to a sign with perfect lettering. Your almost done, yay!

Take the tape and paper off the wood and this is what it should look like. Cool right?

You can now start the painting! I do like to trace the letters with a sharpie first just because it makes it easier for me to paint (this is optional). When the paint is all dry I also like to take some sand paper and gently brush over the letters to make it look more distressed.

Woo-hoo! You did it!!
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